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I thought you might be interested in our observation from this morning .

Trevor and I took our tandem out for an airing today.  As we returned home along the trailway two ladies thanked us for using our bell. We were the first cyclists to do so on their walk that morning.

As we have a combined weight of 24 stone on an eight foot long tandem we can be a bit intimidating as we pass pedestrians along the trailway.   Despite our weight and length the tandem is silent and can startle anyone unaware of our approach . It is unkind to frighten our neighbours so we always ring our bell or call out as we approach people from behind.

A cheery ringing bicycle bell or verbal “dring dring” and a happy “good morning” makes a good ,safe outing for everyone .

So please all you happy cyclists RING YOUR BELL.

Madeleine Bridle