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In the first elections to the new Dorset Council, there was once again a clean sweep for the Conservatives in the DT11 postcode area, where first to be declared was the election with the highest turnout in Beacon ward of Jane Somper, followed by Sherry Jespersen in Hill Forts & Upper Tarrants, Emma Jane Parker in Puddletown & Winterborne South, Piers Brown in Cranborne Chase, Noc Lacey-Clarke and Byron Quayle for the two seats in Blandford, where there was the lowest turnout, and finally Andrew Kerby in Winterborne North where there were seven candidates for the single seat.

Countywide, the balance of power switched from a Conservative majority of 18 in the former Dorset County Council in 2017 to one of only 4, with 43 seats, compared to 29 Liberal Democrats, 4 Greens, 4 Independents and 2 Labour.

In 2017, there were 32 Conservatives, 11 Liberal Democrats, 2 Greens and 1 Labour and Cooperative.

The former North Dorset district remained almost solidly Conservative, with the exception of Shaftesbury, where two Liberal Democrats (Derek Beer and Tim Cook) were elected compared to only one in 2017.

DT11 results (elected candidates in bold)

Beacon (1 seat)

Turnout: 42.60%

Alexandra Gale (LD) 423

Samuel Charles Skey (Lab) 142

Jane Somper (Con) 1,020


Blandford (2 seats)

Turnout: 35.80%

Noc Lacey-Clarke (Con) 1495

Hugo Anthony Mieville (LD) 774

Pat Osborne (Lab) 509

Byron Robert Quayle (Con) 1573

Doro Russell (Lab) 362

John Edward Thomas Tanner (LD) 761)

Cranborne Chase (1 seat)

Turnout: 36.70%

Piers Brown (Con) 778

Stephen Mark Kelly (UKIP) 200

Dennis Wardleworth (Lab) 208

Hill Forts & Upper Tarrants (1 seat)

Turnout: 40%

Alan Cross (Lab) 221

Joe Hickish (LD) 336

Sherry Jespersen (Con) 854

Puddletown & Lower Winterborne (1 seat)

Turnout: 38.40%

Emma Elizabeth Bratley (Lab) 192

Helen Frances (LD) 388

Kevin Nicholas Maitland-Gleed (Ind) 257

Emma Jayne Parker (Con) 789

Winterborne North (1 seat)

Turnout 41.9 per cent

Christine Adey (UKIP) 162

Barrie Cooper (LD) 363

Andrew Kerby (Con) 557

James Bernard Mayo (Ind) 105

John Stayt (Ind) 88

Haydn Roger White (Lab) 102

Jason Williamson (Ind) 19