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Result of the 2 May 2019 elections for the contested DT11 town and parish areas:

Blandford Forum - Blandford Central Turnout (%):   36.31

636 Roger Ernest Frank CARTER Independent (Elected)  

575 Stephen Geoffrey HITCHINGS (Elected)

469 Rosemary Jill HOLMES Independent (Elected)  

552 Lynn Catherine LINDSAY (Elected)  

455 Pat OSBORNE (Elected)  

699 Byron Robert QUAYLE (Elected)

175 Dianne Judith ROBINSON

Blandford Langton St Leonards Turnout (%):   36.85

135 Harold Fredrick GALPIN

293 Cathy JACQUES Independent (Elected)  

301 Hugo Anthony MIEVILLE (Elected)

218 Doro RUSSELL (Elected)

297 Colin Robert STEVENS (Elected)

Iwerne Minster Turnout (%):   49.91

133 Arthur EVANS (Elected)

173 John James GOODLIFFE Independent (Elected)  

142 Mike JONES (Elected)

190 Paul LE PREVOST Independent (Elected)  

132 Jonathan Mark MAGUIRE

176 Kerry Louise O'CONNOR (Elected)

150 Brian Patrick O'LUANAIGH (Elected)

190 Susan TRIM (Elected)

Okeford Fitzpaine Turnout (%):   43.94

136 Ian BERRY

271 Rob CORBEN (Elected)

267 Stephen Philip CORBEN (Elected)

168 Derek DAY (Elected)

176 Dilys Mary GARTSIDE (Elected)

194 Sue LE RICHE (Elected)

75 Fred LIGHT

56 John Tulley Henderson ORRISS

233 Neil PLUMMER (Elected)

211Rachael Kathryn ROWE (Elected)

Pimperne Turnout (%):   40.11

198 Bob ADAMS Independent (Elected)  

209 Antony Edward Venables ARGLES (Elected)

185 John  Ernest BECKFORD (Elected)

182 Timothy HARMAN (Elected)

150 Martin Christopher RICHLEY

250 Peter Alan SLOCOMBE (Elected)

170 Hugh SUTTON (Elected)

240 John Edward Thomas TANNER (Elected)

And in Chettle, where there were no nominations for the election on May 2, the following have been elected unopposed to serve when nominations were sought for a further election on May 23.

GREEN Oliver James, Chafin`s Farm, Chettle

LAWES Helen, 11 Chettle Village

MORDAUNT David Arthur John, St Mary`s Farmhouse, Chettle,

SANSOM John Henry Drummond, Thickthorn Cottage, Millers Lane, Cashmoor

SKEATS Rolly , 5 Chettle Village