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Royal Approval

VOLUNTEERS and parish and town councils have been thanked in an open letter by the Lord Lieutenant of Dorset Angus Campbell, on behalf of the Queen, for all they have done and are still doing in the face of the international emergency.

He said: “I know Her Majesty and the other members of the Royal Family would wish me to voice their appreciation and admiration for your tremendous efforts at this most difficult time.  

“I have been hugely impressed with the way organisations and individuals have come together across the County to support the sick and the vulnerable in all the areas of their lives where they need protection and help.  It is a magnificent demonstration of the best of community spirit and selflessness across Dorset and the country.

To town and parish councils he said: “I know you are working extremely hard to support the people of Dorset through these most stressful times.  I am very aware of the dedication, innovation and determination that is involved in such an enterprise.  

“It is so difficult to keep the essential  ‘day-job’ duties going and, at the same time, to respond rapidly and innovatively to the extraordinary preparation and needs created by the current pandemic.  

“I have heard a number of brilliant reports of how parishes and towns are rising to the extraordinary challenge that has been set by ‘Covid’ and how they have been stepping up to the plate in their support of the people of our county.  I am extremely proud to see how our local communities have rallied to the cause to protect the vulnerable at this difficult time.  A terrific example for us all.

To volunteers in anticipation of Volunteer Week in the first week of June, he thanked them all for their “extraordinary, ongoing and selfless efforts” as Dorset volunteers with appreciation and admiration for their dedication to the care and wellbeing of the vulnerable individuals they served in many ways.

“I am also aware that this effort during the current crisis is added onto the burden of the dedicated voluntary work that you take on in normal times, in many cases an effort that has been doubled over the weeks of the current pandemic.”