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A NEW loyalty card to support independent businesses in Blandford has been launched by Bryanston School to consolidate its increasingly close relationship with the local community.

The move follows a successful pilot scheme involving local retailers, food outlets, boutiques and service providers and all 600 members of staff at the independent school in the run-up to Christmas.

Building on the positive results and feedback, the loyalty programme has now been formalised and extended to include the parents of all 687 pupils at the School and former pupils living locally.

Headmaster Mark Mortimer said: “As one of the area’s largest employers with frequent visitors to our campus, we are keen to do everything we can to support the local economy and to highlight the services available from shops and businesses on our doorstep. We recognise that the High Street in any rural town is truly at the heart of the local community, so we want to encourage and promote the regular use of local shops and businesses in any way we can. The new loyalty programme does just that, and we’re confident it will continue to grow and increase in popularity.”

“Bryanston is extremely proud of its role in the local community and well aware of the responsibility that brings. In recent months, we have joined the Blandford Schools’ Network and staged the musical Les Misérables in partnership with The Blandford School. I am equally delighted to launch this loyalty card scheme as a means of yet greater involvement - hopefully, everyone will benefit from this new initiative.”

The range of local outlets signing up to the programme includes food retailers, clothing boutiques, tools and household stores as well as specialist service providers of printing, carpets, tyres and satellite systems, legal services, hairdressing and health and beauty. All of the participating shops and service providers are highlighted on a dedicated cardholders’ web page, with discounts or rewards and regular promotion of new offers for everyone with a Bryanston Loyalty Card.

Julian Day, the owner of the Offcamber bike shop in Salisbury Street, said: “This is a very welcome move by Bryanston as it will help to boost footfall for us and other retailers in the town. This is just the type of initiative that can really help independent businesses in Blandford and is a great way to start the New Year. Bryanston is such significant source of potential custom and it gives retailers like us the perfect opportunity to draw attention to the convenience and range of services available in the town.”

Mr Mortimer said they expected the loyalty programme to evolve and develop as it became more established and familiar.

“Certainly, everyone we’ve spoken with has shown great enthusiasm for the idea and I am optimistic it will not only provide benefits for local businesses and everyone directly connected with Bryanston, but will also prompt further partnership opportunities to help sustain economic prosperity in the local area.”

Any independent business in Blandford wishing to participate in Bryanston’s new loyalty programme should email loyaltycard@bryanston.co.uk.  

(l-r) Mark Mortimer, Headmaster of Bryanston, with Mark McPherson of Long John's in Blandford.